In Connecticut, GOP Woman Candidate Leads Primary, Democratic Woman Candidate …

The potential for the Connecticut senate race to turn into a contest between two female candidates is looking a little dimmer based on new polling of the party primaries.  Former WWE Chief Executive Officer Linda McMahon, fresh off a 2010 loss, appears poised to win the Republican primary, leading former Republican Congressman Christopher Shays by over 20 points.

McMahon spent over $40 million of her own funds to self-finance her 2010 campaign, and it’s assumed that she’ll spend a large amount this election, too.

But on the Democratic side, former Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is trailing Congressman Christopher Murphy by 12 points, although almost a third of the voters polled said they were still undecided.  Bysiewicz has been endorsed by the pro-woman campaign group EMILY’s List, while Murphy has been getting support from the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

Both candidates are currently polling at least 10 points ahead of McMahon, and are tied with Shays.


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