Kerrey, Anti-Kerrey Ads Mark The Start Of The Nebraska Senate Race [VIDEO]

The 2012 race to replace Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson is just getting started, and already the ad buys are flowing.

Former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey is trying to reintroduce himself to the Nebraska voters with a $100,000 television ad buy.  He will be running two ads, “Welcome Home” and “Step Up.”

But Kerrey won’t be the only one running ads.  American Crossroads, the super PAC run by former Bush adviser Karl Rove, is purchasing $80,000 worth of radio ads, and they have a very different view of Kerrey that they want the voters to get to know.

The Republican party, meanwhile, will be duking it out as they come up with an endorsed nominee to challenge Kerrey. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is often considered the establishment favorite, but Don Stenberger is currently attacking Bruning over what he says is his lack of established conservative values.

The eventual primary winner will then go head to head against Kerrey.

Check out all of the ads below:

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