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Most of us just grumble when we’re stuck in traffic. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., writes Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

On a recent visit to the Inland area, Feinstein took a trip down Highway 91, along a stretch local transportation officials hope to widen — with federal help, of course.

Feinstein has supported a local request for $24 million in federal funds to back a $240 million loan. Another round of federal funds will be awarded later this spring, so she used her time in traffic to note the road needs a federal funding boost.

“Of particular note was the bottleneck at the 91 and I-15 interchange, where I experienced a significant delay along with many other travelers and interstate trucks at midday,” Feinstein wrote to LaHood on March 7. “This experience demonstrates that (the) 91 congestion is not merely a rush-hour problem, but a 24-hour economic concern for California and the western U.S.”


They are fellow Republicans representing neighboring Assembly districts, but don’t expect much bonhomie these days between Paul Cook and Tim Donnelly.

Last week, Cook, R-Yucca Valley, endorsed Donnelly’s re-election rival, Big Bear Lake Mayor Bill Jahn. “Bill Jahn is a proven conservative who has consistently fought on the side of the taxpayer,” Cook said in a news release from the Jahn campaign.

It is extremely rare for a member of a legislative caucus to endorse a colleague’s opponent. The exceptions usually occur after someone breaks ranks on a major issue, such as the budget.

In a voicemail message Friday, Donnelly said, “Assemblyman Cook and I obviously do not agree on every issue.” Donnelly chided Cook’s support for last year’s successful AB 353, which prohibits officials from impounding a vehicle at a sobriety checkpoint if the driver’s only offense is lacking a license.

“Assemblyman Cook feels that those who are here illegally or those who are unlicensed should get a pass,” said Donnelly, R-Twin Peaks.

Cook’s camp declined to comment on his endorsement.

The 33rd Assembly District, safely Republican, is the product of last year’s remap of the state’s political lines. It covers the San Bernardino Mountains and High Desert.

In endorsing Jahn for the

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2 Responses to POLITICAL EMPIRE: Feinstein uses traffic to tout 91 project – Press

  1. Marcus Reply

    April 15, 2012 at 12:40 am

    Let’s be honest, this primary election between Republicans TIM DONNELLY and bill jahn for California’s redrawn 33rd Assembly District will determine the next Assemblyman inaugurated in January, 2013 as it is one of the most CONSERVATIVE, REPUBLICAN districts in thestate.
    That is why we should follow the endorsements of the leader of the Republican Assembly, Connie Conway and the San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee who both chose TIM DONNELLY!!!
    I am sure Paul Cook is a fine man and “walks the talk” with a hefty campaign contribution to bill jahn. However, to say Mr. Jahn is a fiscal conservative is simply NOT TRUE. As mayor the last four years, he voted the last two years to give his City Manager an increase of 50+%; this City Manager of 6,000 people now makes more money than the Governor of California. His most recent vote in July, 2011 gave him a 19.4% increase of $28,000! Would you say that the Mayor and City Manager “control” the city of Big Bear Lake, must to the delight of businesses? He won’t enjoy that when he arrives at Sacramento. Just ask Tim Donnelly.

  2. Marcus Reply

    April 30, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Hey, the signs are out and we are only FIVE WEEKS FROM THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY. Bill JAHN, California’s 33rd Assembly District, states he is “fighting for the taxpayer”.
    While he and his Republican councilpersons criticize the PRESIDENT for the 8.2% unemployment rate, Mr. JAHN (mayor/councilperson for 10 years in Big Bear Lake)has a whopping unemployment rate in his city of

    He also cut 5.2 jobs from the City of Big Bear Lake while giving his City Manager another $28,000 (CM paid more than the Governor of California in a city of 6,000!!!

    How much confidence do I have in BILL JAHN fighting for the “little guy/gal” in Big Bear Lake?


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