Senate Republicans reserve $25 million in air time

The NRSC is playing agressively, Condoleeza Rice has regrets, Rick Santorum will help however he can, Sarah Palin will probably be in Tampa and confederate tie accusations are flying.

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* The National Republican Senatorial Committee reserved $25 million in post-Labor Day airtime today in six top Senate races, months before such buys typically begin. Reservations can be changed, but for now the NRSC is playing agressively in Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin.

* In an implicit critique of the current GOP, Condoleeza Rice said Tuesday that one of her biggest regrets is that the Bush administration failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform. “That immigrant culture … has been at the core of our strength,” she said. “I don’t know when immigrants became the enemy.”

* A spokeswoman for former presidential candidate Rick Santorum
said today that her old boss has talked to Romney and “vowed to do what he could to help, help coalesce conservatives, both social and fiscal conservatives, to rally behind the presumptive nominee.”

* Sarah Palin’ s political action committee has paid to have space in Tampa during the Republican National Convention, suggesting the former Alaska governor plans to have her own independent event. The PAC raised $388,000 in the first three months of the year but has not directed any of that money to candidates.

* George Zimmerman is being charged in the death of Trayvon Martin by Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey. It’s unclear what charges Zimmerman will face;

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