Despite ancestry controversy, Elizabeth Warren tied with Sen. Scott Brown

A new poll shows the US Senate race in Massachusetts tightening, with challenger Elizabeth Warren running essentially even with incumbent Scott Brown (R), and with relatively few voters undecided.

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The contest is among the closest – and most closely watched – in the nationwide battle over who will control the Senate following elections in November.

Ms. Warren, a financial-law expert known for aligning with populist concerns about Wall Street banks, garnered 47 percent support in the Suffolk University/7News poll, released late Wednesday night. The Democrat’s tally was just a hair behind Senator Brown, who had 48 percent of likely voters behind him.

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Back in February, the poll found 49 percent for Brown and 40 percent for Warren. The share of respondents saying they were undecided has fallen from 9 percent in February to 5 percent in the new poll, taken earlier this week.

Warren appears to have solidified her position despite controversy that has emerged in recent weeks over whether she inappropriately identified herself as a “minority” law scholar and whether that self-identification may have advanced her career.

Warren has said she did not seek any hiring preferences based on her heritage, which she has said includes traces of Cherokee and Delaware Indian ancestry. But she self-identified as a “minority” in a national directory of law professors in the 1980s and early 1990s, a time that included her arrival on the faculty of the prestigious Harvard Law School.

Voters in Massachusetts so far do not view the controversy as a major issue, the Suffolk University poll found. When asked, “Do you think Warren’s Native American heritage listing is a significant story,” nearly 7 in 10 said no.

The poll revealed some other issues that may be important as the campaign season rolls forward. Although Massachusetts has a track record

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