Pro-Dewhurst Ad: Cruz Isn’t a Conservative

Texas Senate candidate David Dewhurst and his allies seem to be getting worried. Dewhurst, the Texas lieutenant governor who was once ahead by 30 points, now leads his toughest challenger, former state solicitor general Ted Cruz, by closer to 10 points just two weeks away from the May 29 primary. Now, a group called the Texas Conservatives Fund, a super PAC supporting Dewhurst, has a new ad questioning Cruz’s conservative credentials. Watch below:

The claims that Cruz “opposed lower property taxes” back in 2006 when he was solicitor general. “‘Lowering the cap is moving backwards,’ said Cruz,” the ad quotes a Houston Chronicle article. But a full reading of that article shows Cruz was actually arguing against a plan that would lower a property tax cap in exchange for raising business and sales taxes. Here’s the context:

During last year’s regular and two special sessions that failed to produce a school finance plan, lawmakers wanted to lower the cap of $1.50 per $100 valuation and replace the lost revenue with a new business tax and higher sales taxes. They also considered adding several billion dollars to the education budget for teacher pay raises and other programs.

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