Chad Dewey Upset with Failure of Zero Income Tax Amendment


Chad Dewey upset with failure of Zero Income Tax Amendment

BAY CITY, Michigan – Chad Dewey announced today that he is not happy with the failure of an amendment that would have brought Michigan’s income tax to zero.

“The argument I keep hearing is ‘What will we replace the income tax with?’” says Mr. Dewey, “The answer is easy. Nothing.”

HB 5699 is set in place to drop the income tax from 4.35 percent to 4.25 percent within the next year, while HB 5729 drops the income tax down to 3.9 percent over the next six years.

“The idea that this zero income tax amendment failed tells me that we still have a problem in Lansing and that rather than cut taxes and allow people to spend their own money, they’re not willing to curb the real problem – Lansing spending. Other states such as Wyoming and South Dakota have no income tax or business tax and they enjoy some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation.”

HB 5699 has passed the House and Senate, while HB 5729 has passed the House and is expected to pass through the Senate.


Chad Dewey is a pro-Liberty, Conservative Constitutionalist candidate for the Michigan State House, 96th District. Learn more about Chad Dewey at his web site and Facebook campaign page

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