Hotline Sort: Allen West, Palin Endorse Sandy Adams

Hotline Sort: Allen West, Palin Endorse Sandy Adams

Welcome back to Hotline Sort. Crossroads GPS switches up their strategy in New Mexico, the Chamber of Commerce sets its sights on Angus King, Mike Bloomberg is hosting a fundraising for Scott Brown, and we finally have some polling on dressage.

10) Riding the day: Dressage. ABC News/Washington Post is polling on it (47 percent said they had a favorable impression of the horse riding competition, while 27 percent said they had an unfavorable impression and an equal percentage had no opinion. Meanwhile, the New York Times profiles Rafalca, the horse partly owned by Ann Romney. (Rafalca has been eating a lot of watermelon, according to the story.)

9) Nebraska Senate candidate Bob Kerrey has penned an op-ed titled “Congress Can’t Be Trusted to Fix Itself.” It appears in The Atlantic. This comes after his wife, Sarah Paley, wrote a piece for Vogue (which caused some controversy in the state).

Given that the Democrat is fighting against the perception that he’s an elitist carpetbagger from New York after spending a decade there, it might be a good idea for Kerrey/Paley to try a Nebraska-based publication next time.

8) Good get for Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass.: NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is hosting a fundraiser for him in August, Politico reports. Brown has been heavily emphasizing his bipartisan credentials, so a nod from the Independent mayor doesn’t hurt.

7) Freshman Florida Republican Rep. Sandy Adams is getting a boost from fellow freshman Rep. Allen West this morning, as the fiery congressman is endorsing her over veteran Republican Rep. John Mica in Florida’s 7th District primary. Mica landed the backing of Mike Huckabee on Wednesday and Adams previously scored the backing of Sarah Palin. Endorsements rarely decide races, but in a GOP

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